Charles Olson:
Language as Physical Fact

A Panel, Reading, & Exhibition

Curated by Charles Alexander
Charles Olson: Language as Physical Fact was a conference and exhibition at the University of Arizona Poetry Center sponsored by CHAX Press on October 10-11, 2008.

Conference Description

Why Olson? Why Now?

On Broadsides


The following talks were originally presented at Charles Olson: Language as Physical Fact on October 11, 2008. Participants included Barbara Henning, Steve McCaffery, Tenney Nathanson, Cole Swensen, and Anne Waldman.

Audio of Full Panel & Discussion

Topological Transformation in Olson's Maximus
Tenney Nathanson

Olson and the Projective
Cole Swensen

Charles Olson's Art of Language: The Mayan Substratum of Projective Verse
Steve McCaffery
The Content of History Will be Poetry
Barbara Henning

Olson Now: Lang/guishing Notes for a Speech
Anne Waldman


Participants were asked to read a favorite Olson poem for the occasion.
"Letter 6" and "The Homeric Hymn"
read by Anne Waldman

"The Kingfishers"
read by Cole Swensen

"In Cold Hell In Thicket"
read by Steve McCaffery

"Cole's Island"
read by Barbara Henning

Excerpts from "Maximus"
read by Tenney Nathanson

Late works from The Maximus Poems, vol. 3, including "I shall hate to leave this earthly paradise"
read by Charles Alexander



Participants read from their own work.
Anne Waldman
(Introduced by Barbara Henning)

Cole Swensen
(Introduced by Charles Alexander)

Steve McCaffery
(Introduced by Tenney Nathanson)