Three Poems

Gale Nelson

Heart’s Evolving Signal Swelling
Slowing either long youth-fling love
can stem toil’s shout, but let lips undo lost
sagas. Extol sugar’s focus, succor clout’s house
skilled there from groove’s time, caustic, yes.
So that venom’s thrust looms, curving in on this system’s clue as
wounds plug time’s caul. Pluck long on lutes,
doubt the can-can study dance, or speed the tryst in
cog’s sudden fauna. Expose this duty then pause
thinking matters at aloof limit. Bet on
that voice along your liable event.
Moisten clots, unopen faulty cables and size
regal chemists’ binary draw. Cattle
lodge satin pills for fuses fraying off. Larkspur sends
muddy strings, sand dabs float, yet floods still well. Kind
forager, cool dull straw grass colors, club wool spill trays,
lid all cans used badly and calm folded hampers
found below shed’s planks. Major claims
distract as stub-tail frogs lick pallid spoons. Instill no
leaders once accused—bribery links caused
me doubts first indeed. Foreign trends
invoking cheating cloak—wear that lest luck
ransacks formal terms. Annul vanity’s lost charms, yet
savor sand-trap’s best sands. Village’s
distinctive panic drills prise lodge’s acre
park endowed in oval’s calm shape like
ruby crest on swamp-fold birder’s mug.
Safety’s ardor likens those long lit
ash trees sloped with tepid palms doomed by alcoves
closed, teaching me the shading depot’s breach.
This syntax scheme is left on closet’s draft—it strains
lanyard’s determined pleasure of clemency as
slop-cans left imagining quit most tables. Pour
us the one simple tipple-lager and
rub me of theater’s theater in
silent parade, send off pennants as if the cobbles
panic this embrace. Salute all grunts,
banish all quests and ease all venom, but
this cannot stun farm’s greens on element’s trust.
As trout call for their sympathy and
for sea’s best line, use the barge,
lift the trout, good trout, then ease them home.
Closest to Stars Unshined
Lisps unlatch heart’s tryst, bitter when
found charmed. Doubts flow along daubed
path, float true in pill-box hat of dolor.
Stomachs groan when soaps fold each
pen on ink’s lost strand. Phantom sensors below deck charge
addicts stash parched and grimed. Bag grabs cloves
as lobes carve out creased ends.
No somber look upends clever books when sog-fast
seams bind patches and sever siphon’s blind whelk. Chosen
first, you panic, then store most bombast well.
Grand story says all edgings still host hallowed jests
and send back rhythm’s terms.
Heart’s Evolving Signal Swelling  
Foisted picket honors summit’s slope
as cleft cot binds our plumes in dung’s gloom.
All shapes could draw clouds, stub books, cut off fumes
nicely, yet spell no blood spent on least-juiced
orange. Lotus blooms, but digits coin fortunes. Any
pout quiets laugh’s tug on tongue,
courts pleasant quarters stolen even in
frost’s dusty spell. Sausage folded in duty’s heft causes
infiltrated salad doom in spite of
candor’s fine tact. Bottom’s up this vast beer bent,
sopping enough frothed cask but ale’s last mine.
Ease this liar’s cascade,
pose affinity’s louche vanity on last sudden
sun-lit branch. Cannot panel-long joists bend in?
No. Patter’s tooth-bust jag casts mood’s dull gloom. Limb’s mask
is daft as tumbles fall, and anyone yet tamed
postures poem’s stanza of dancing
in wrack’s cant. Tundra binds tonsils and igloo strips into
treacled home. Saucers mixed in, saucers
yet no cups in this blessed top shelf. Friends
spill nothing, break in on dare. That’s parsed but
an agony. Spare my trauma my siphon’s blade
and float past teaching’s flame.
Infighting, berating ill friend’s long relapse,
can’t we stop being dolts? Can all madness blind me,
upset or agonize? Must
that be all? Moisten not the lost lip,
carry ever on the fiendish aloof bent, alone.
Obscene candid yelps plead my insect’s cold heart
in vast desert’s blinded gloom, yet valiant bids
shall cancel either because of tether’s crawl.
Tonnage ingraining supply, ingots fadge only luck’s
tumble. Who enlists predicts eased plan
of entombed career talents in
inexact falls. Telescoped star shards twine those
cavities parsed as fluted straws, but
stains can suddenly place sampled lances on cup’s
dim clamor. Sugar beets grow between cusps,
and out above this fancy land,
closer stars bend in neutered shame.
Bid me no succor, honor just these saddened chromes.
The three poems included come from the manuscript, This is What Happens When Talk Ends, which is comprised of 8 sets of 8 poems, with each set retaining a pre-existing vowel sequence as found in an excerpt from a particular play by William Shakespeare. The project title, serves as example for the procedure: wIlIAm shAkEspEArE becomes: thIs Is whAt hAppEns whEn tAlk Ends. (For this project, A,E, I, O & U are always considered vowels, but Y’s are handled as consonants, even when serving as vowels.)