apostrophe a system
(for Andrea Strudensky)

CJ Martin

I think there is something for me the way apostrophic mimics catastrophic in sound.
---Andrea Strudensky
I gave my love a flower [enforce it against you]
---from “see sounds final”
a move meant toward
---from “o2”
The stroke is culpable. The address high-current. The return stuns and superheats.
---from Incident Light Poems
The pretense of cosmic interference / has got to STOP […] From here on in please, I implore you, / answer only in diagram!
---from “Systems”

AS apostrophe a system
apostrophe a system
apostrophe TO a system
critique apostrophe a system
critique TO apostrophe a system
critique AS apostrophe a system
systematic apostrophe OF critique
AS TO apostrophe a systematic critique
systematic TO OF apostrophe critique
OF critique a systematic AS apostrophe
apostrophe LESS a system critique
TO system LESS apostrophe critique
critique LESS apostrophe a system
apostrophe TO LESS a system
OF LESS AS apostrophe a system
apostrophe LESS critique LESS systematic TO
hope TO critique a system apostrophe
AS hope systematic apostrophe
LESS AS hope TO a system
LESS hope OF system critique
apostrophe a system
TO hope LESS AS systematic apostrophe
LESS TO hope a system AS apostrophe
system hope apostrophe OF critique
enforce apostrophe AS hope OF system
enforce a system OF system AS TO
list enforce LESS apostrophe
list LESS apostrophe hope TO a system
enforce hope list system
apostrophe TO hope TO enforce systematically
a system OF no LESS hope
systematic TO OF apostrophe hope
enforce list a system apostrophe
LESS no hope OF apostrophe LESS hope
list a systematic hope OF system
apostrophe list no system OF AS LESS
no critique LESS OF critique AS critique
FOR apostrophe a system
enforce LESS FOR a system AS OF list TO
legal list FOR no system
TO legal critique OF apostrophe hope a system
legal hope systematically TO LESS
FOR hope a system list LESS list TO FOR a system
LESS systematic TO OF no LESS list
apostrophe FOR LESS AS TO OF AS OF list
ON apostrophe AS apostrophe FOR critique a systematic AS
move meant apostrophe TO ward no LESS legal
list LESS move meant TO list no LESS hope
apostrophe move meant FOR no system
ward OF apostrophe no ward
move LESS critique meant AS
OF ON enforce ward
hope ward move meant TO
apostrophe system list TO ward hope
ON IN apostrophe TO no LESS move
hope OF system TO
apostrophe ON IN TO ward enforce
a system OF ON no LESS FOR legal critique
systematic hope FOR AS OF IN
move meant no hope move a system
answer apostrophe ON a system OF IN
no LESS legal no apostrophe
TO system LESS apostrophe LESS critique LESS
critique TO no LESS apostrophe
LESS no LESS apostrophe FOR LESS
OF a systematic hope FOR LESS
reinvest apostrophe list AS list AS LESS
move a system reinvest
legal move meant legal ward
FOR legal ward LESS enforce reinvest
FOR hope no system OF AS IN
system a system systematically a systematic IN
meant critique AS no ward OF list
apostrophe a system
AS apostrophe a system OF move meant critique
legal move meant TO apostrophe system
enforce no system OF AS IN LESS FOR list LESS ON AS TO ward
no apostrophe LESS system TO ward AS legal
care close ward TO legal option apostrophe
option OF apostrophe
option OF care TO
system option apostrophe TO care
critique care LESS close AS apostrophe
apostrophe LESS system TO ward TO care
return stun ON IN apostrophe close
return stun ON IN
TO apostrophe a system
critique systematic apostrophe FOR NO LESS care
ward return close ON IN TO hope
LESS TO OF LESS ON IN close close care
return stun reinvest legal move meant
enforce ward return LESS system LESS TO a system
IN critique OF critique TO critique ON critique
AS AS ON IN apostrophe a system