Majena Mafe

He does not give the beans to the hen
Burn them
Look for her (it)
Give it to (to her)
Let us begin the lessons; let us begin then
Let us eat the apples; let us eat them
Let us advance soldiers; let us begin the battle
She is speaking to us? Is she talking to us?
I am very fond of her
Henrietta is the smallest of the three sisters
Had she been able to swim she would have to be doomed
They do not know the road and will not be able to follow us
I should not like to be there at present with them, the women
If he dares to speak to me impolitely, I shall know how to answer him
When the murderer was arrested the crowd wanted to tear her to pieces
Will you have a glass of beer? Yes please
The soldiers cannot be warm in the trenches
Never owe anybody anything
It’s true, I had a grandfather say so more than once
No fatigue can stop him
They all died on the same day
The same causes always produce the same effects
Letters are reaching us from all sides
The one woman was old the other young, both were unhappy
No one told us anything about it (or we knew nothing of it)
Frightened though she was she would not give way
Are the children crying (do the children cry?) Yes they are [crying] they do [cry]
Do they blame Henry? YES I do [Blame him]
Are they tearing the books? They are [tearing them]
Do they blame the child? Yes they do [Blame him]
The daughters of the women give the walnuts to the farmers
The farmer’s wife is looking for the mice
You are looking at the ceiling; I am looking at the floor
They do not lead
You do not show
She does not show the apples to the boys
Do you not show the peas to the farmer?
Does not the teacher’s wife give the roses to the soldier?
She does not break the hen’s eggs
We do not give the cows milk to the farmer: we do not give it to him
I do not give it to Henry, I do not give it to him
Don’t you water the flowers in the garden?
Don’t you show the flowers to the girls? Don’t you show them to them?
She does not lend them to the soldiers, does she not give them to them/
Tear it
Let’s speak to him
Let us eat them
Listen to him
Let us not speak to them
Do not give it to him
Sweep the bedroom; sweep it
Clean the table, clean it
Let us wipe the looking glass; let us wipe it
The woman is cleaning the bedroom and the dining room
You’re looking at us, we are not looking at you?
Henry is looking at us, do not look at him
Do not look at us, Henry, we do not look at you
Send us flowers do not send us beans




The father shuts the door
The husband blames the wife
Henrietta is cracking the nuts
The sons are listening to the fathers
We are burning the trees

the child is weeping/weeps
the sun shines
the girls listen to the mother
the mother loves the children
the mice tear the paper
you are working. We work always
The women are blaming the husbands


you do not give it to me
do you not give it to me
you do not show them to me
she has a lamp, but she has no oil
have courage (be brave) soldiers! Let us begin the battle
the cows are very useful animals they give milk to the farmer
she is very pretty, I am very fond of her
you are making my papers dirty
do not blush
there are? days in the week
whilst waiting for my friends I am looking at the animals
my wife has a piercing voice, her voice causes me great suffering
your ignorance is intense
your bitch is treacherous
she has a deceiving (cajoling) voice
the infantry is advancing
One is stronger than the other is strong
She exercises an evil influence on you
That is a mad idea
Your flesh is very flabby
Railways are very useful
give the eggs to us. Do not give us the milk
let us have courage, let us have patience
you gave me a pen but no ink
be good, I will, do not be naughty
good day sir, give us please some sugar coffee and biscuits
we walk quickly away
they give some to their husbands
the dog is knawing on a bone in the yard, the cat scratches him
the leaves grow yellow, the apples grow red, my hair is growing white
the enemy is invaded, he has invaded it (us)
the hunters invade the fields
why do you punch that poor beggar
you are happy playing cards am playing the piano
that new man is always telling cock and bull stories
we usually went to bed at half past ten and I fell asleep at once
(the husband blames the wife: the wife blames the husband)
they weep
doing becomes works/being