Two Poems

Dorothea Lasky

When you bring a great poet to the beach
When you bring a great poet to the beach
Don’t expect him to know this is what he had been waiting for
Sand upon rock upon sand
Empties space into the ever after
But he will forget regardless
The snow of a million winters
The fact that autumn is a fire
And will not forget himself
As sky becomes his mother
The seagulls his children
As water becomes his words
Empties upon space
Into space after space after
No mirrors, but blank faces
On the birds that mean nothing
As he does too
After all
Everything is Love
Love is overtaking me and my heart cries out your name. –Arthur Russell
Everything is love
Death is love, Wilhelmenia
I carried your dead body
Shouting through the town
It was funny
Cause one day I would die too
And what would the difference be
Between your dead face and mine?
The thoughts within it lost
Don’t let the thoughts get lost forever, Wilhelmina
Write them down on this page
I will leave the book
On the table
Open for you
You can come into my body
And write through me
I am a good vessel to the dead
I have a lot of self
And I am very kind