Three Poems

Paolo Javier

     Manananggal yun, di ba
serial attendant chupacabra
Lacan on par with desperate cardiac likeness
Carnivorous in deeper cellar
     O cat lion
essential entrances Ovid only
arbors a lead summit saddle
soft bellies in Erberus
a leper polyp not in a quarry
tipples emphasis I sell back tarantados
Dadaist I sewed graphs on variant belief
     veto neologism
epilogue leper polyp epilogue revolve octave
     Antsy Nazi, how you deter desolation jaunts
to the contrary come up simpering, a sum of all your garish
stench of a lion right out of the voice
Maybe Im All Of This
     Pinch me into sexy
simple edifice of your crown, pinch me into sexy
until the higher rose madder lends hey.
Palpable buttons to choose from this season
Im wearing unsentimental Antigone
incest reneged
     Pinch me into sexy in prolific commas
harmonies, eloquent, a vintner of your lithe embrace
hunky lamenter conceived by a pair
of litigated omniscience
     O constant pinch
sigh in all brute liberty
equal gaze resounding in warp speed.
     O ocean love for miles on solid
from your lost supplicant
restrained in mud
     Restrained in mud—
     Hell’s tragic question anonymous
a hole in Valhalla   Im lavender
senility sinabi abalone all ensues Valhalla
in all chores erode us succor one I ahoy
a déjà-vu insert tormenting a pregnant Army
hell’s tragic disturbance iodine justices design
Time question hay queer voyage water
Annunaki falsifies in mist
causes dip so that I mar employment   a rap license
delay Valdemort debt unto cue you erase demise
Siam Nazi sedation
a mulatto
     squadron used to prop up the dead
fratricide salads consult intrigue bonded
     I, St. Exupery, can manage entreaty
I, St. Exupery, hand a revolver
my aquiline laundry ropes Salem entrée garments
an entreaty key Alma dares lavender
die chosen   encapsulated library    aching to harm you
reprobate in case I save in case I dupe
chaos sold to rich Naples relatives
lowing in Orlando