Three Poems

Stefania Heim

Among the can't, smitten with talent,
he is finally found by loneliness. Dirt-poor,
the most enigmatic film. A factory
plagued: his hardscrabble Alice.
Naïve man, affluent apprentice of arrival,
his fantasy of disparate threads, obliterated
by survival. A new, witty, popular,
and dangerous call: in bordello
he realizes an "equilibrium."
Forgot himself
but for the transformation.
That captivating demon.
If not for that talent, he draws supremely,
a hardscrabble portrait, women
physical around.
Murdered honeymoon, a burglary gone bad.
Cora: embroiled, unraveled, dead. Was an inside
woman on her way to blue awry: famished,
but forgivable. Soon famed gumshoe
checks arrivals in the diminutive town. A host
under suspicion, open-and-shut. Unspin
another everything, there’ll be poison
for your crimes. Years later, we are armed.

The fire was started by lightning last Friday.
I’d give anything for something great
to live up to. There are several paths
to actual and only some require rosy
thinking. Tonight, of course, a man-made
constellation. Each game missing
a single piece; what will we make with them?
A fantastic hope, generally regarded
as impossible? I don’t want to tell you
how I’m feeling. Sublimate aggressions:
the hardboiled school. We are living briefly
in the ordered world. We match wits with it.