Beaded Lace

John Harkey

whereby angle of inci-
dence nearly

         here's the dis-
tension, callouses.

a word in german
a word in my

aitches, like whhwat

the nevertheless,

less legerdemain

scrims and glass,

                             you would have
equals angle of reflection

       no skin but force, and the clouds
the bitter cuts the sweet...          or it

       that means both 'preserved'

distortion is a flex of the negative
disfigurement a negation
                                    fair warden
       <<alleged wraith,
       a ledge wreath>>

amusement and concern marking our

your grief and eat it

creet charm of surface
brood low,

occurred to us

and 'cancelled,' simul-

traduce blunt tooth-
some frond, light on

and so on, dimly thru

softly closed mouths