Gabriel Gudding

A, person’s, body, is, a large, mob.ile, collection, of, molecules, I, congratulate, the id.ea, of, body.

I really, cannot, get over, the fact, that we, are here. I, congratulate, the very not.ion, of, hereness, of “here.”

A, boulder, is a, large, part.icle. I congratulate, the accident, of, boulder.
I congratulate, the, Vermilion, River, of, which, I kayak. I congratulate, the, bridge, thanks, for carrying, me,I congratulate, the bridge, for holding, babies, I, mean it, especially today, the Mill Street, bridge, in Pontiac. And, even, that guy, who honked: you, don’t suck.
All, of the daughters, in the, waters, all, of the brothers, with the, others: you, are con.gra.tulated: for holding love, altho, you don’t, think of it, like that, maybe. My youth, I, congrat.ulate, you, for, depositing, me, in this “time place.” I congratulate, the waters, of Evergreen, Lake, for supporting, the weight, of many hundreds, or maybe thousands, of those medium geese, who are, little little, meat boats. I congratulate, the geese, thems.elves, for having, such little he.arty legs. You’re all, scaly and nude, and knobby legged., because, yo.u are, in this whirled, I congratulate, you, and all your, lovely teachers. I congrat.ulate ants, for being cute, I have never ever seen, an ugly ant, even up close, in those photographs, by E. O., Wilson.
I congratulate Clio, Byrne-Gudding, d[a[we]][la]ughter of G.ab[e]riel Gud.ding, a.nd, Ma.iréad Byrne, you have done, so well in yr 12, yrs, sis.ter, of Mar.ina, Byrne-Folan, for you, as we.ll as Ma.rina, a, ch[isle]ld of letters, of ladders, child of answers, of elbows, child of apples, of bellows, child of rivers, of otters, child of sunspecks, of waters: child of tendons, thin, springing, both the tendons, of her ankles, and the tendons, of the allosaur: I congratulate, Clio and the arrangement, of things, that made her. You, are a child, of that cloud and that cloud and that cloud. You, are a sister, of that chicken and that chicken, you are a sister, of a sister. You, are a child, of fat and wheat and wide fish. You are, in no way, related, to any dogs, but all cats, at once. Child of purple, child of cool canal.
For Clio, and my distance from her, and the ac.cident, of her, and the int.ention, of every that ma.kes, I basically, congrat.ulate ever.y.thing, e.very everything, there is, or ever, was, every when, that ever, contained any, anything: I con.gratulate, ad.ulate, all of your, pro.jected, ubi.quities. And specifically, because, it is a force, in the life, that made, my da[we]ughter: coffee. I, congratulate all coffee. Without which, I wd not, have sur.vived, Seattle. And monopoly games. And if I could, I really would hoist, a day’s wind, and put it on, a table, and shake the dragonflies of it, and hold them, with Clio, really really gently. And in the wind, if they were not there, I would put bees and stars and nodules of bugs and buttons and all manner of bright particle. Just to wish it well. It would all fit, too, and doing so, would not harm, any, any, any, of the world. Nor does it now. And I congrat.ulate,
       The globe
       is a fruit, and a hive of pity : full of demand, peppered
in moth, smeared
       in wind
The globe is a fruit + a hive of pity
: lacquered in sun, stitched in genital
against destruction
                                     where living
                        w/ a brightened mind
                                              is not
                            an exit for sorrow:
                               so I congratulate
                                          the worx
                                   of compassion
what is this basket     of horses?
                                                         [it ‘s a world]
what is this bedaisy’ed
casket of gristle, stowed
in skin?
                                                         [it ‘s a body]
if we, are each, a novice and continue to sleep
our days a stream of morals, a string
of what use is childhood
if we just assemble love
around us
                                to die from it
                                or watch it die?