Three Poems

Arpine Konyalian Grenier

If it weren’t for (Majnoun Layla)
that was from God we said
looking at love imaginings
better anxious than in despair we said
back to back phenomena into matter
matter into phenomena and facts
bonding runs away with
no boundaries people content
culture gone people
    life has nothing to do with
we visited ourselves counting money
there were no doors no window
a beautiful woman’s hissing
creatured at her life’s travail
when money was done for
whose artifice this is
mother said without being of it
why don’t you go out and play
there was no boredom or vanity to oblate
I did not rest along an intention without
acceding to charity I decided aim
to provoke language
presence was the gift
for any need we may have had
minds off the static turn
a tempt
    (cohesive tribes between sayer and fact)
board up the alternative do not delete Majnoun or
cowered into a squint or squirm nullify resources
trim the staples of word depending unfamiliar
emotion or language created as some task
we carry to believe
                              intervention presses
out of how I see the same differently
image matter political yet personal
denial as ordinary or decorative
progressed and participated intrusion
yet another bravery and survival technique
rambling on deceiving speech
its abundance safely Layla
singing out of favor while stealing what’s from God
the peregrine and gyrfalcon scream for time
awaken but mostly distance below
young man developing motive as
foreign territory pumped course
to declare the feminine of night
emotion outside of it
point to it for one must
love trespassing for
the double in him
charity bleeds unable to stop
for everything he suffers from
a little friendship the amount of hope
as poison behind its promise of Layla
while hallways and streets cry for
the Majnoun cut to singulate
the post human in you
for the sake of non-closure symptom will not
for an advisable worksheet solved by
doing away with the already
its originality without face
that does not unlike dismissing itself as deviant
while efforts to revisit the past are truly appreciated
buffer dilute or deflect what is long overdue
the examination and explanation of events
prior to the doing away of history
overcome by its own
expose being without memory
a window above a structure
called romance
If it weren’t for ethics
a little disorder meaning without
that does it Mary cease your lack
my secret is yours is landscape begotten
off moon bark without image
longing guiding wrapped
around what might
not pull
part of our fragment cedes a truest hold
freshly tended remarkable we know
after the perfection of matter
a firing up for the soul hoke
hoke vark that is intuit
golem offering
gravity heat reversing color crushing
to severe the white dwarf part of me
killed light in another universe
love cocoons the scaffolding
a universe we cannot
our words lack and blind even our scar
the city’s another sky another skin
of course and openly shared
void not our own
            unassimilable lie
stars shaken off the sky
slaves all around the sun
expansion contraction magic
will you stop loving then
who knows nothing yet relates
to admit one is inside
the other oligarchy
    star fusing observer to observed
seeing has nothing to do with Mary being there
one still refers to aether as answer to questions
when words come out of an offering
you are better than the person you want to be
what tragedy leaning away unavoiding
many such human matter
when one needs to have seen it coming
discrimination or choice intellect
relocating within but
made to walk it off
the abundance
daze has imposed
Mary Mary come to me so economic secularism would
allow the evaluative other a continuing
between faith doubt perseverance
contracts and corporations to climb by
the geometric regard for silence
without silencing the social
laws distractions dog cat
often birdly
Otherwise one is killing one’s own
we are returning as we circle elsewhere
non-events immanent and evangelical
export so much of life pertains to
planes tracking the good in the mind
swollen and digitized without
for an unfolding
I smell British Petroleum
waterfowl and pipelines
land for lease or sale and shorebirds
ready to be carried over the Barrow
for the mark up to Port Valdez
by the Sanctuary
duplicity heralds complicity
intellecting as precondition
give me patterns she screamed
there is no space for location
a puppet state of mind leisurely tracks
a bale of hay encased in silver
quaint vigilance for thought
the marginal without
psalm for my wounds
translating unlike the present me
me here structure the tune the path
binary though spared
words streamline to produce
intervals unknown to time
contract after contract I am
fleshed for home for love of space
narrated and lost to itself as earth
distracted cannot anymore as we
optimized and consumed withdraw
tender commits but of course
familiar surroundings
a home
I wanted that for you
the clatter of concepts build
direction intention
replace what is
but for the lack of my gaze
healing the holes burnt by
truth and conciliation
noise and heat in the self
grating the harmonies
acute spaces
loons and godwits
seal skin
I leave the last word to you
by dint of chromatic and rhetoric
goodness beyond gaze
too precious to let go
where there is love one cannot
ignore cannot stop
speak to me
I need to know