from Bohr's Model

Noah Eli Gordon

If we consider any molecular process, the result seems always to be that after a certain amount of energy characteristic for the systems in question is radiated out, the systems will again settle down in a stable state of equilibrium, in which the distances apart of the particles are of the same order of magnitude as before the process.  
                                                                     —Niels Bohr, 1913
it’s the third auditorium on
your right continued ethical engagement
of the narrative tradition will
begin momentarily to burst from
her concise articulation wasn’t what
we’d wanted exactly I’m not
so sure the line matters
I’m not so sure the
line matters you don’t just
get on a motorcycle and
become a kind of historical
category feeling what has been
said has been your solution
to its problems were interesting
I’d ride it out or
jump off I’m not so
sure the line matters unified
artistic school with a coherent
program or extension of power
by an expansionist idea about
the world being purely internalized
through reentry to that which
held one so ardently in
a compulsively intellectual grip might
be more or less perfunctory
as sun again disappears over
hilltops as hilltops again disappear
with its loss as again
I in vain attempt inscribing
as meaningful the evening in
which we as participants sense
a particular fascination clouding our
own abilities to see beyond
what mathematically speaking one line
can do to its neighbor
artistic innovation in the early
twentieth century was right leaning
he thinks in questions himself
each given a brief spotlight
enough plausible answers to render
as far as vacation spots
arbitrary constraint’s affectionless roundabout way
of what can only be
in our monument to the
crux of a crucial moment
a contorting and cyclical inversion
a kind of evidence of
fingers aimed at an auditorium
ethics aside I don’t have
a way out of this
I’d just like to relax
let’s assume that we are
circled around and then discarded
design and individual flourish but
not really such good painters
these scissors are doing fine
thus assumption leaves a thread
I love all my children
equally but I have no
children therefore I. A. Richards
excuse me I just something
finished breakfast and am now
back concerned about the supposed
recollection of tranquility in events
I’m trying something with narrative
I think you can see
how one flattens the conceptual
external consciousness entering the poem
pleasure as we know is
one metaphysical position among others
now I have proven that
anything rolls over the horizon
and gigantic posters of musicians
acquiescence to wallpaper wallpaper wallpaper
a thinner varnish might work
a particular fascination clouding our
handful of petals as they
posture what huh good morning
I think you can see
how one flattens the consciousness
of lazy thinking rearrange into
mean fireworks the yellow hue
is firm and fully delineated
if in paying close attention
for no reason at all
get on a motorcycle and
disappear look imaginatively at a
problem only to end up
sharpening your syncopated nesting instincts
signaling to the lone observer
that you’ve got a particular
way to inadvertently excise whatever
propositional marvels we’re able to
propose as the latest craze
otherwise we could talk implications
luxury at least is what you
haul a scheduling nightmare from
I’m not so sure the
one manifestation of his perseverance
would explain away what was
authentic about the image of
a leisurely stroll in unwavering
optimism considering a museum guard
onlookers mucking up everyone’s belief
here so roll with it
hope it likes us back
push it prematurely toward antiquation
put something down on it
the heart I mean it
to do its frolicking without
a boat a dockworker a book
compulsively intellectual grip device
for indicating this a few
stones one might crush form
suburban a good dose the
jumping point a lighthouse illuminating
a line to fill up
a lineated present where luxury
in which one poem’s success
inevitably necessitates a problem when
it comes to an inch
of space a red streamer
the first return to integrity
a sabbatical subtle swerving that
table lying across a thought
the needle a veil telling
any realization about its business
counselors constructing actors drowns honeysuckle
statuary in this afternoon light
some flower decorative afterward drifts