Captain America

Laura Goldstein

Captain America, a performance poem for up to six readers, can be presented in different manifestations depending on the venue and participants. It was presented as a video as part of the curated evening “Girl Go Boom” in the theater festival Rhinofest in October 2007.

(In the video installation there are two screens on stage, approximately six feet away from each other, each in front of one half of the audience so that one half of the action is projected for each half of the audience. One screen shows the woman reading at the desk, and the other shows the woman "receiving orders". When the women cross the room, they cross over onto the other screen. As the video begins to loop, these crossings cease to sync up between the screens and the cause and effect of the relationships breaks down)

With each performance the idea of the "suit" (business suit, military uniform, journalist's attire, etc.) can be explored to be more masculine or more feminine, depending on how the performer wants to play it. Each performer decides on an attitude that they want to dominate the reading.

The stage directions in this script describe how the piece was performed for the taping of the video for the theater festival.

(Woman One, wearing a business suit, walks onto a dark stage and switches on a light on a desk that is stage right facing stage left. She sits down at the desk and Woman Two, wearing a military uniform, walks in, stands about 3 feet away from the desk)

          Woman One (In a Suit, direct)

Certain aptitudes: perilous tethers against instant nesting. All money eats regular ill-conceived aliens. Actual neophytes ask great reparations, ask minimal sustenance. Over funded. “Any way that the marginal yet energetic and rich, iconic Candy Apple Nestle group can in many parts East on Renegade Island live as animals on/as isolated small meals”… I. Always moving. A. Carcinogenic reality in some mummy’s intimate nighttime-- animated leverage’sewage. Easy money peels rest earnestly on a river’s surface.

(after Woman One is finished speaking, she stands up straight to face Woman Two and then whirls on her heel and exits stage right. Woman Two takes her place behind the desk and Woman Three enters wearing a business suit and stands in front of the desk. The trading of places in alternating costumes continues with every section)

          Woman Two (A Military Officer, barking orders)

inside’mastery. Economic maritime pickings in real increments crawl all left-wing. All sectors. My answer reaches into New Ecuador. Intense’massacre. Maybe every anagram notices, regulated isolated particular effort. Raunchy airline cruising in altitudes likely instigating several mountains; I. Answer mightily. Everyone must plague incorporated ransom in case all levies. The rest ex-cons mutinous atrocious iffy necrophiliac subdivision. Interested’mother. A. calm lame aim I’m mastered, alternate system. Intricate nitpicking. Palpable road exterior mountain in Ecuador rising; I. Am also mounted. Pear refuse in mountain exterior. Also savvy. Interior Nomenclature. Restitution equals calling lately Amazon into mountain circles.

          Woman Three (In a Suit, feminine and sensual)

Maybe animal mastery might allow lavish interior or analogous nesting. I come into evening rich. Socially pear icing reeks excess; I. Promise restitution even eclipsing nothing. Ready arms calculate interior altitudes like Icarus sailing moonwards, my analogy is mine. Isn’t’mine. Alone. Never is circling ever. Asteroids let all rest merry. Interior’mountain. Succulent pear inclinations ready evening; imminent messenger perfect ear rear into animal lair is sounding magnificent. I’m nearing. Animal-like. Closely rendered etching as me. Imitation’mango. Next is carrot éclair. Surely pear entrée rimmed mastery. Also measure. I. Am. Laughing in absolute royalty? Absolutely. Next is creamed Ecuador. Inspired melty prize exactly reconstituted in actual laughter I sometimes master. Actual real mastery.

          Woman Four (A Reporter, confirming facts from a notepad)

Instigate’madness. Anarchist intentions rise- mockng all incoporated libido. Partial effect not interested solution. Called regular eaters all masturbators. Issue’mandates. Around. Needle-is-cleaner exchange reparations. Astonishing regulations might increase energy saving. Lasting initiatives mention penalties. No inclinations from career executives. All roaches must initially and eventually succumb. All personnel ride in lane. Many alternatives in myopia.

          Woman Five (In a Suit, foreign accent, disaffected)

If. Miracles asked and initiatives measured. Multitudes in Russia ask if active class life ends soon. It’s natural. Russians are actively preparing for everything. Albania runs me into excellent savagery. My irritating motherland is Communist. As ice runs precisely landward along Northern extremes. Initially. An angry member. Alternatively, nice in Mother’s astonishing land, and I cry in ethereal remembrance. Soon patriotism exists as rightly mine. I crawl into evergreen retreats. Nothing absolute penetrates air like Mother, iffy’mother. Asks. May I see evergreen ridges…

          Woman Six (A Soldier in Fatigues, struggling to read)

Immigrant’masses. Moving now into Manhattan and Long, Ellis and Syracuse who issue extra radar. Criminal rates ascertain poverty. Cardinal rules always predict? Intricate’map. Asterisk. Messy inventory lacks exactness. Interrogate ninety. All refugees minus Iraqis exit South. Interrogations’multiply. Ascertain. Causal restitution in military intelligence negligible answers now legible. Precise integers estimated. Soon money enters all regulations. Invariably. All monies. Regulated evenly at all levels. Is negligible. Running alongside particular energy’saving. Modification in military instigation continues. Investigation’mounting. Many ask now if all candidates are legal. Engaged money, private industry regulates energy, simple investigations reversed.