Two Poems

Thomas Fink & Maya Diablo Mason

We didn’t know about the diamond woman.
They gave her some kind of very short—they cut all that hair.
He was looking for a girl that looks like a boy.
What do you think that’s about?
But she couldn’t do it.
Too much of a free soul.
Blond hair, with a sharp nose—you can’t beat that.
He has $200 million.
I could have been so rich, but I can’t produce any
children, I don’t think.
A Jewish girl was lucky to get him.
We don’t need that; one is enough.
I broke it up the day before.
It gets so monotonous: the same moods.
The same everything.
But if you want it the minute you get home, you can have it.
Then one day it disappears.
Now I think I’ll never see any of his money.
He has to die first.
Well, that means never.
I’m thinking how I got there and back.
Do you have something you could sweep up the dirt with?