Two Poems

Will Edmiston

how to beg a stall
& pass not close but the way
blades have ides like day
see through me
abysmal as a reed
see’d underneath the lake
ever repair itself to the send
                         loads pure.
on your left itself to the send
sang from a word like blood
When you can trust it in your mouth
lavender hymns with life
& lightening pulse the earth
Though you don’t know me
you might like it
were you the hub
then I spoke out
   he kneels in
a plumb
Smashed windshield
    the yard
    A tree for me
              ’77 lawns
a fruit into a bird.
   dear Kiki,
swaths of sequined crinoline,
         a piece
         of piss.
         the end.
    fierce & ethnic
       in the ground
       around it
      lick up
      in ceiling
         like a sink
 ready to wear
 back the send