Far-fetched Collection

Moses Eder

a light criticism is best reserved for two lips, wondering if they ever had made dawn retreat back to the water treatment facility. how many more stops need to be undone before sundown?
take my hand and live a spiral sideways without remembrance.
a close up carpet between all of this led me to choose the dark side of thought, no thought.
whenever eyes meet, recollecting this which have not been, the singe of burning metals touching pushes us away. the form desired, but the game to play, forfeiting the arc of contention and longing.
nightly effervescence
your retinas origin of clouded visions make my wonderland another day, staying out of bounds but beneath the ultimate limit.
but the smell of showdown always reaches at its hairs slowly, but nasally.
a welcome arrival stated

Bio: Moses Eder is currently an Undergraduate Jazz Performance Major at the New England Conservatory of Music. He is now beginning to compose and arrange pieces from the modern electronica genre for groups of improvising musicians and loves to set his own poetry to original music. Check out 'Sun' on his webpage @ http://myspace.com/moseseder, or if you would like to see more work, his recently opened blog at http://mosesoffthedeepend.blogspot.com.