Doing pulses

Roberto Bedoya

for Gregg Bordowitz and Jeanne Randolph

there it lies
with an ethic, often with an aesthetic
cuz of the value thing, a chain
that and there
doing pulses
instead of push-ups
A container for metaphors, art, politics, damn love
wicked shifts that tease, torture,
in – the - out – to
another I
a simple
volley over the table
sank into my steps
…tag I'm it
run as I do in
a continuous conversation
with root and between
that figures
in the sway of hips
one ponders and asks
with bubble gum and Coltrane
of the form and order of
an ethics of abundance
an aesthetic of beholding
in response
- how do you proceed to promise and light 
life worth living
in the clothing of "as if"
as if intellection could properly speak
of exchange relations-
us and within
judgment and value
aesthetics and ethics
the good and the "goods"
the fine piano playing of the "generative"
the world, oceans, scents
critique and art
flexing logics that clock on a day
the parts that move potentiality
to ends and beginnings
one ponders and asks
Ms. Sueno’s
sash and crown
rocking horse
call of form and function
legislations and propositions
unhinged by circumstance and the conditions of insight
not a fall month
or a movement of
but by sunrise and pupils
in the puree
of will, worth, and ratios
abundance and glitter drive
laced with swoons and consequences
speaks low
as if
it were a breathy need and asks you to dance

ethics turns slowly
on its legacy of debate and relationships - those walk
on byes
nestles into you
and dutifully delivers
small bites on the neck of thought
all the well listening to Dionne sing Bert and watching the turns in incitement..
a desire not for objects but for flourishing
the share in lyric, ethos, relations to
nouns and percussions
the waves in the ocean called ethics
excessive stories of pleasure and wobbles
on the edge of logic's affects
madness and comfort
…wave ahead
the we that runs along the shore touching distance and
those, those we, you don’t know
be it the numerous,
the many,
the lavish not I that reaches
without papers or traces
with impulses to seeing the length in daily manners tether to ethics and aesthetics
inside these fervors
doing as attention
to concern and composition