from Phonebook

Emily Beall

Embroidery-Whol. & Mfrs.-Employment Opportunities
the word-kit knits must through—through and up,
stitch and up to nine. must tags, rag mits nip shape
into lashes. margins like borders, borders like lasses,
not like time like fine. fleur de lease little summit-
houses. to snitch gold, to lock into extension.
Millwork-Model Makers
imagine the great jilt to charcoal as cord spreads
from the center of town. imagine the rancor of farm-
ers when hocked ahead of time. imagine the clock
of Episcopal as hunt goes horizontal. how and with
the agent, how and with the salespeople, imagine the
bishops. who can hold model in their mind?
Pretzels-Printing Ink
wrestle the tazzle of blunt for the HMS metaphor.
an amicable instrument, sylvans flower into empires.
how to pen the dandy, how to raze the levered? it
takes a pivot and a dash, a tumble and a dash of salt.