Three Poems

Renee Angle

<<Sing, viz.>>

A swim in suits
Bound smoothly breast
She has made healthy
She or come stroke
When she be paddle
No she plug in plug
No she to sheen
She swam and
Kicked she swam
She float she here
She bet she cap
She to she stow
Or she be sheep
Or she so nearly goat,
She point she toe
Round she toe she point
She shine she shine
To soaring boar.
She sip the seat
With seal she ladle
Or swims and utter buoy
To the sun. Sculls a
Soft chemical sheen
Below she
<<Sing, viz.>>
The cell has hived
to live however
Past a hitch history
the hoax remembers
While a frost
is in the cell that hived
The locked memory underneath
The daddy patterned
above the Holland
Can be thought a cell
As be hooked a honey tangerine
Hitherto he winked
But sink a Hoosier
since a hispid back
His woggle such
a hum his hum
Before very huddle
in which be brought
Among the human
his husband
For an oral bone
if hungry
A hurt jury at
hybrid vigor
And his is
everything hushaby
He swam with hypsometry
Hushaby, listen to the hub collect

Mud for a mouth
For he may pear
Were he mask
Her casting tooth
Nor ming a year
After mineral heart
So mimic crow.

These three poems are syntactical translations of Robert Frost's "Mending Wall," "The Need of Being Versed in Country Things," and "Fire and Ice." Syntactical translation involves diagramming sentences of a poem and then inventing new words to stand in for each part of speech. Through a course of revisions, these pieces no longer match Frost's exact syntax pattern. Yet, I hope there is a ghost of it.