from Part II of Stealth:
Untitled (Key)

Samuel Ace & Maureen Seaton

Secret 16

It might be
it might have
little molecules of phlegm
spit by a 12-year old
into a paper bag
it might be hidden
in a renaissance fair
The …dual-purpose bomblet is a product outstanding by virtue of its unique self-
destruct mechanism. This important safety feature is designed to ensure that no armed
duds will be left on the battlefield…The sensitive bomblet fuse functions at steep
impact angles and low impact velocities, even against soft targets, ensuring that the
bomblet will detonate on impact…MI's Self-Destruct Fuze for submunitions, which
exceeds DOD requirements for UXO (UneXploded Ordnance) duds, provides friendly
forces with a clean operating area after the firing ends. (global

Secret 21

     for Emily
In her flying dreams she sometimes sat in a chair that lifted off and circled the
city like a blimp. Sometimes she flew in formation with pigeons. Often she was a
falcon born in a cathedral in the midst or the wake of war, soaring along the
buttresses, eating whatever sorrow humans left singing in the sanctuaries.

                        Basilica di Sant'Antonio da Padova/Enrico Dalbosco
Secret 26

It’s what happens
when you push
your cock into
water    you simply
die of want
of last words
of someone else
staring at you
you say you you
and she says you
and you mean
the mirror
of what
you think
and she means
the mirror of
what she knows
all gone
in a matter
of not one
physical moment
just gone
torn apart
by music
and glass
by shepherds
in reeds
by aspiration
and desire
by stone
and seeds
by fin and fin