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from Human Resources

Rachel Zolf

Spoilsports of sorts, her various avatars hover on the outside contemplating what’s not being said in the minus five lunchroom from dust you are homosexuality houseguests. Obsessed with the phallogocentric left margin, the professional stranger makes multiple voices intersect the field & all their words are 34 skew-wise from all directions. Unable to choose one “I” or version of the events, modest witness tries to “tone it down” to minimize the “piss-off” factor native to human capital, artful deviation and fractured surfaces. Think straight, talk straight – let’s overlay everything with the amount they’re “confessional,” juggling the first few out of the gate. Hopefully this will get rid of the blur, create a nice “spin”

Mark my words my hoard supports new symbols not just another crow essay on mouthG-7 machine breast machine imagery in King Lear and Hamlet,how the inexorable path of tragedy devours language and meaning. You run out of words by the third paragraph, just like the one on Pilgrim’s Progress that dead-ended on page two after promising to be a long sharp sword key to the door sixfold star of good travailerG20 atW20 vagina Q20. Used to tell your story to anyone on the street, like the Ancient Mariner and a bit of Lear’s “Who is it who can tell me who I am?” But used up buttplug YHVH G-spot glory store of what to share, keep remains to ourself


The work of the sword and 4 relays occasionally cross when we try to give financial advice. Boss heavily edits to get the right “tone” re: taking a holistic approach to risk management, steering clear of portfolio potholes and not getting caught chasing hot method baby surface sale returns. Strange quirk, since you’ve never worked in a big company (and often toil all day in pyjamas) yet can still whip off a snappy business-attire policy. Don’t own a car but expend many a lubricating word on transmission-fluid theory. Our regular column on diarrhea evangelizes the brand traction, floating out key messages based on current accrued liability. Don’t settle for 170% nailing the answers with a certain amount of customer passion and impactful equity in la perruque. Concur with the psychology of tense selection, vet her specificity-equals-felicity cathexis, how do you like that human-asset-component grammar?