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Alli Warren

Conditions proceed as follows
I was convertible into money and expressed
in money I set the seller
of it to work I love
I get all wretched and recline
on couches I make promises
to loving sons and affectionate
cowards This is my vascular system
of production Six declarative
four interrogative and two
imperative into the water
we shall go Namely
wedge It fell on me
and my head and I want
therefore to eat
the money
Ain’t no woman gonna make a buzzard out of me
I want to destroy a house
utterly With bright wings
I set out with gat
to rocks and raging surf
It was beautiful in the country
things that would assert
their size were coming
out of shells and woodworks
in great stacks in the meadows
That the young be allowed
courage, behavior and unlimited domain
Although it is despised and cut
short by the many in these forts
lay deep lakes in which
the deepest of them I had much
anxiety and trouble It was summertime
Can you tell of a keener pleasure
than audible speech? The difference between
a hostile cropland and a plain
of spicy groves?
A man who’s fine and good
can Note the none such
lady with indentation
and with rhyming spirited
swift and strong The creatures
in their eggs the bursting of the eggs
very large and ugly crept
definite group and thought
I was living in a devil town
I was gathered into a nation
there were birds
drawing references
to circulation to signs
I was beginning to suspect
the reason being needing
to murder all this doubling
this menace
As all private parts
precede and mislead
with others their patrons
I reckon
And thus we say
they kaput
citings smooth
as one can expect on a night
like tonight fortuitous
and bright
I insert nozzle into nestle
I feel conserved and remain
following the mode of error
there The off-duties
they holler back
that the toll be accepted
I was in the camp
making it function
my number one priority
my balls and my word