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Three Poems

Vincent Katz

Unbewusste Orte
One likes to dance,
another needs to
tighten her wheel.
Every moment
is innocence.
They carry those little
packages behind them.
Shit is earth.
What motivated
“Machine Gun” Kelly?
Certainly not poetry
in that battered past.
Wisps of notes.
A wisp of a girl.
In the dull light, it looked
great, man, conversation
on loudly toasted trend
fresh deals, pretense of
seething role reducing
file, intent as
demarcate array as mouth
of Prisoner-of-Ark-fish
as the 2:42 morning winds on
now that I’ve built up an
appetite, the water turns out
to be perfect
Collared Peccary
grisaille picking
annoy went
astream frisk
folded shoes
hutch ridge
singing plus
wheezes sup
priestly face
prosy sis
a symptom
pressed sure
offshore rust