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For every pig, there will be a Saturday

Christina Strong

Poem set at 6 weak shots or sprinkles… non sentient being… houses…
trickle, is talking to but cruisable…is still argue last state into the us
border I wept… I five with what YOUR GENIUS HASN’T ARRIVED YET
Or if you think thanked, but forgot passcode, key is brokered
benevolent society… faith or trust? I’d go search engine lost touch
with… -- capitalist minced soup, not blended or gets one docked 10
gorgonzola vs molasses nightstick justice is blip on star stuck is cause
car accidents… or terra teach America idiotic rote trailer…or get that
gay men only rally around anyone? Or a pox on all your floor, w/in
reach a signal drone for broad is to nick name rv give me $ or give
meant wish ewe were three four of us but apparent room as fodder
writing response to: what? Midi boards me, of silence, of advantage, of
program five vineyards… dehydrate you conceived in their immediate
future… gay men get away with hostile it is: people stole from me 2x
or why how you work your ass off and get no shank six dollar lake
tremendous But what stress? can’t afford a drunk…. Or: it bc
of sympathy, and the world is full – I’d rather starve…stomping on
novel is plays down incriminating video of in sin u ate the problem
over pork loins…eliminates days… -- WHAT WE SAW IN SEATTLE –
look: Extra ten minutes for lunch hour stones anti-biotic We all know
that youth… When I crossed me death 2068 is new u is half ass
backwards…! Melting, garage, tennis with high fives, blueberry
blintzes, high to stress, who waits aspects of things… toward not shrill
except ill-us-tray-t-ion how would love river house, figures… News
item: a but why bother…read can’t relate to relate is no credit – raise
your had in it college education only extenuates debt Aspartame gum,
as if needed more ammunition