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Three Poems

Trish Salah

lolling stuffed and sneezing

like Richard Fung, I’m looking for my
redescription as is crucial in any remapping
like a fetish touched for the very first time
or a narcissistic regression or like “i’m telling
i’m telling” my story is what some feminists
and/or in the past psychoanalysts and/or
contemporary cultural critics and/or traditionally
surgeons and endocrinologists and/or more
recently first male to female and latterly
female to male transsexuals as well as
in the last fifteen years intersexuals and/or
transgenders want to say which is to say
(and unsay, and in the unsaying, say)
what one/not one looks for at in having wanting for
penis for clitoris for phallus for nobody’s nose

(no body what you can stuff through a keyhole,
pervert, or me into my ex’s cast offs, no body
but the little boy in Paris who said
“look mommy, a negro.”)

interchangeably, skin, your own violet self:

my very very pink lip gloss has rubbed off on you
like a too blonde wig on Tyra Banks,
trying to say “I love you” too, the commodity form
against an anatomy of cuts, caesarean,
umbilical, genital, existential, psychical, affectional,
familial, linguistic, societal, economic, communal,
institutional, cultural, conceptual, discursive,
digressing, degrassi, mcluhanesque etc., along the lines
of what we might invent names for like classically
or classificatorilly: labia majora, labia minora, clitoris,
church steeple, vulva, breasts, nipples, body image,
pudenda, foreskin, reiterative performance, glans, gore, sex,
mons venus, privates, testes, vagina, dick, penile, hood,
dildo, ambiguous genitalia, boobs, balls, ego ideal, fist,
loneliness, gynecomastia, tits, lippy, vidale, lollipops, plimpton,
boneshave, peepee, drag, tongue, planes of convergence,
gaff, sex, hermaphroditic genitalia, implants or genital organs, etc.

I could go on but I just got really tired.

attacks cloud, flight 1

lower yourself to get on it
as a substrate, liquid modifier

i am one and i am one and i am one
factions compete as indelible computation
of souls’ interest, fronting nervous aggregate

threnody ‘cause your cause is
the boot on her neck when her neck
attaches your head to your torso
your godlike torso

bet wit for bats, pink and cats

disaffected vigilante
playgirl in the address
line connecting semblance to
relations between
agents, actors, acting upon objects
a subjective impression
i dreamt of (and organized towards)
becoming in black & white—
concrete interests
intervening in
hope, x, the number of panels
the digression
forward conveyer
belt ‘em
or sideways slip
knot off a skirt law
or out law off red
my naked ambling
psyche opening paused
to a humble bubbly font
pinched for sex,
it’s the culture
as above so too from
the criminal scum
a blush goad
snaking claim
eating grin