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Coney Island Payday

Austin Publicover


toward a polished stubborn:

mask OFF/rapprochment part taking and, activity

quicken  :  :  :  intermediary doubles nurser

wherein a hooded plunge

then mark the Before, the around All

lone struck-star fan-blow of salival salve

                               (all these poet goddesses

                               have that power, I nearly

                               dive into the drink thanks

                               to a loose board)


rambunctious rising on up, all that she merely facilitates

thought to ring and ringer to ocular

Name, meanwhile, given the In, the Go:

                         Brandished tomb door


It crowns masks as such

(such) scrapes an epistemological puncture/wind

wound or wound like wound/wounded

as agape: imagine the swears rambunctious

faces, as its low puts paid to

accordance, as its law, low, as

it puts in ways the eyes appear: holes into entire

                    generative fleetings.

                               rambunctious couldn’t fathom

a more desultory take

said the do-do


seized mongst reeds & dregs

were those to be more under

scaled, more easy my left

shaking hand. See the old

man imitates your fall


rambunctious listens to/ (yr favorite song tomorrow)

indebted to memory’s eggshell

                                  now she changes tone

                                  gull, so too, me gurgles