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Two Poems

Bill Kushner

Pop your wad with a local rod!
Meet Model Hank Hardon!
Sins of desire: it got too hot to stop!
Hot Fantasies burning in the minds of men!
Meat model Ron Rimson! Cum Where
All The Big Ones Hang Out At
Dear Editor,
I loved the April issue of JOCK!
especially that bodacious Bill Kushner!
Bill really got me HOT with his bulging
pecs & half-dollar sized nipples. I
know you don’t give out addresses but
I’d love it if you would forward mine &
my picture to him. And please please
show us that gorgeous pucker of his again!
It’s fun going down on a stranger
I said I was going nowhere he said get in
along an endless highway hitching a ride
from a perfect stranger the sun going down
on my wasted life without ways and means
& there I was I was shivering my timbers
said he’d been in jail a couple of times
I said nobody’s perfect a bird flies up
as we rode along & the moon so big
said I got one eye near to fucking blind
a stop near midnight off of highway 69
where in this small motel I step in the shower
& he did too might as well he said save water
              & so we did