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no fiction no belief

Jen Hofer


              If I had troops in my hometown walking through my house, I’d probably
              pick up a gun and shoot them also.

                            — U.S. Soldier, Iraq

              limitless sensuous apparition…our vain attempts to steer a clear path…we strain
              against our confines.

                            — David Maisel



to thwart truism            —                        to understand —


                        we have been given                                                            and take


(we take)


the land                                    let     be                        expands                        is taken


            kinetic relapse                                   


                                                            a brink and a brink                                    so as to see




(alone)                        slowly                            very slowly                        does            not            stop                            very




sound appears prior in trembling shadow

unworldly very being of the world sewn

reinvented wheeling clock-chopped air against

air grinding in sixes through sights the land

a grid a language imposition the people run

shuttered still the ones who got caught


the orders are typed out lemony soft between the fingers

we agree to agree dots collecting to form letters in accord coded

unsoftly thumbs up spooling out acquiescence untextured dry

smooth seeming soft spiked pocked like land cratered topography

redrawn from above spun backwards the orbit unspools thumbs

up sporing out of control directed to it go to it tipped toward


tipped to a point sharpened through effort made to fit thinned in twists

of sameness thinner threads solidly twinned run through with color shot

no sun at all in other words elsewhere wide open unnoticed in other words



recalcitrant                                    grounded                                    rammed into


                        a decision we did not make                                                deciduous ramifications


            taken lightly yet taken                                    we were absolved preemptively


glinting cymbals             flattened heads                         is not infinite yet worlds beyond


            collision            in light’s lack                             unprompted                     responding to orders


compounded            by want                        wanting in




we wear suits, shadows, acronyms, ideas, honky-tonk refrains, arroyos, dance moves, business cards, shock tactics, logos. we wear pins, needles, studs, stays, soft bones, modules, electrodes, chain link, weather patterns, wives, backtalk. we sift with choice. we wear money like an unread book, like an unborn child, like a glass half broken, like a body half broken, like a standard, like a stand. we color in the lines. we say we will abide. we abide. we break. we wear plastic, promise, debt, regulation, temptation, preemption, tread, silk, nothing. molecules is as molecules do. we right. no good and not good. rght, we brink and relapse very. and again. we ask, squeeze, preen, corner, obey, erase, junk, lift, memorialize. we wear and down we go.




                        who got caught                                    catch                        shut


            in a sort of stillness                                    unabated                                    in truth


                        not changing                        decomposition unchanged                    so in truth false




docks rammed into the land prior lake beds dragonfly wingless

up caught beached with no war plan our lawns impeccable immobile

placid lakes of investment we shed yet our bodies mapped dry

faultless not new reinvented as a resource of last resort on timeshare

horizonless sky manicured unbeholden close to the chest shed

unabridged but who’s counting splayed flagged with a trace

disappeared but who’s counting




the horizon disappeared and so we began to sing

in excess of the allotted speed limit

we think transparently and utterly opaque

in population’s rub erosion blooms

say it isn’t so or say it isn’t so

erasure builds request under someone else’s sky





occupied                        placed in position                       




orbiting an axis


made with


                                                                                                someone else in mind


            defamiliarized zone                        mindless                                    bidding you to do it


orbiting            a point                        to enter lightly                                                            as light


                                    violent broken into transformation                 is a sort of formation


            cannot be                                    light                        very                                    given


            an everyday street corner                        tanked over                        torn up


apart from everyone                                    who cares