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Chris Gullo

the skin of my teeth is wearing thin
and the soul of my soul does not believe in soul
but no matter
belief is neither better nor worse
than a coffee stain on a blank sheet
no entrance and no exit sign
to light the way to paradise
it's nothing
but here's the nothing that eats like a something
it's the crucible of wisdom and the enemy of beauty
or is that the other way around?
it's the knowledge moonlight's really sunlight
bouncing off the smaller orb
it's the drunk on the other park bench
a mirror, a flashlight, a daredevil tiny explosion
it's the very head beneath the hat of emptiness
it's god or goddess or godless itself
it's where the flame goes
when the candle is snuffed
you look at the smoke and know
take heart if you suffer
take heart if you die
take heart if you live
in a boat of boredom on a sea of evil
the other buttons will be pushed
it moves me worse than a dozen crucufied christs
blackbrown strung-out eyes asleep in a white face
the sweaty strap of the bass guitar
slung across a naked shoulder
an unwieldy sarcastic prop
he's not got even the rudiments of knowing
how to handle the equipment he carries
he doesn't ask for water or cry out for his mama
he doesn't feel forsaken by any father or god
he's a skinny teenage junkie and he's not dead quite yet
his affectation of apathy is an affectation
for he truly doesn't care
and he doesn't seem aware
of all the self-inflicted razor cuts
that dance all over
his sad sexy body
it's a delightful hour of irresponsible journalism
though the vampires are tired we have the first virgin
or at least the lady who choreographed the sacrifice
in a hippie's three-piece suit she gives her report
sponsored by the makers of persian carpet bombs and
the ecologically unsound face cream of the false gods
stay tuned for hairstyles of the holy and foreskins of the famous
stay tuned for the bible-of-the-month club's charity slave auction
stay tuned for the gay porn from next year's war
cut to a cuban fossil crisis in a faraway car
cut to the comedy koran translated into suburban
cut to the newly pierced nipple of the dimestore dionysus
a hairless chest for hungry girls
big goings on at the marshmallow factory
the show about the show about the show got cancelled
and the viewer pretending to be an actor pretending to be a viewer
was shot and killed on toast
household hints from ten fake lesbians in a diner booth
passover wine makes excellent vinaigrette
unless you're egyptian
but wait a minute
i forgot what i was complaining about
a lot of unsexy sex is happening off-camera
not a good source of catharsis but a dead teenager is
hasty hagiography of a high school hellcat
give her the finger then throw it in the trash
and most of us not certain
if we asked for this or not
like nervous tourists
who may have misread the menu
twittering like a cell phone
beneath the cum tsunami
from the judas blowjob of entertainment uber alles
we may or may not hear a heartbeat
which may or may not be ours