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Beyond Leucadia

E. Tracy Grinnell



I put myself well

at ease


that the abstract,

dreams are also



for me who the concrete

the real


what can I do?

in the narrow mirror

showing the part for all?




disparate         temperate


troubled into revelations


confusing a halo for scattered light


refusing my knocking against the walls


against windowpanes


in the darkest night


from heights I can’t imagine                  so I


drift into ether’s





Helen, i





your endeavor

a city is a merciless one          farewell, dear City

I am him     and he                     o, reckless landscape



against me




waiting to see clearly

There— to tempt myself

and then

to struggle




     the entry to Hell fills me







Who feels herself here     to be armed

would be the most vain words


Who cannot enforce it


what is cruel, is cruel


it that is whatnot

it that cries out

it flies at

it makes

it masks

it marries

it shoulders

it shuns

it must

it will

it can

it won’t

it can’t

it will

it goes

it rings

it dares

it dies

it carries it

it weaves

it, that is



would not be that

so           outward in the empty

open place?


It is false. it is little. But it works the eye


from inside



I had no air

I thought of your face

but I could not come to



what is it

that you

assault it

         til its gone?



mine is the unlit space

that I love



I love

in order to kill these sentiments

how these years look


changing by the hour


                  what is important

                  whose life?



so         amused, indiscreet, Brutal

under rapture of my soul



attentions revise themselves

or go to sleep


Upon the others


what happens

Upon this body?