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We've Got Tonight

Michael Farrell

     to pretend its work look for the situation rather

 than person every

      hour “or So hour or so      a new shift A – new stint

          its quiet noone attracts me. call a

 taxi This is,

     ok earlier ok earlier    wouldve been better shallower than a”        character in      a novel Still

    here we are here: we are      a chocolate milkshake ineffective       yet

      Unproblematic ask for a light! & they

     feel set up thinking its someone else

 making... the same mistake the privilege of eye

      Contact who... needs contact who needs      tomorrow a day of         water & junk

     food/ more manageable yet hotter To pretend

 its easy better to get over it)

  or look forward to it respect Or gallantry look

for the ball rather than shelter) or Just one

     call an exboyfriend it takes all sorts (or three

 backpackers later wouldve been Lighter the city busier by

     car north? melbournes too far for a Party a

       packet of chips the story unwinds as...

      before Like that day at the travel agent when

    you took your clothes

      off! you Felt so comfortable

  youd been there so long with a

    bad haircut There are little (/worlds maybe a crowd would

   make things happen.; the make things happen the? – rests Fluff       who “”,needs       yesterday a day of headache & bagels

 & bad Memories... of barbara

   streisand its only a little flooding you

           cant contain, your homelife &

     the octopus the octopus    with its claws Mother dont... shave you need a

      different look everywhere you go dont you the fun

 of! being what you Like without

      illusions except that

    one look at the) stars instead of

      your; soul what do you say

     Where & how will your accent fall