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Two Poems

kari edwards


from: Bharat jiva 43-44




in some ways

I am afraid

I’ve been someone

in a headache of dust

not adept at advocating for souls

transpiring away in crevices

between smithereens and darkness

instead I grasp

pronoun logic

the texture of cement

picking at the present tension

one that has been mostly

a b-side on repeat

with a skip

at best

a disassociation of matter

sinking profoundly in progress

preparing to enter as nothing more

than a presence

dark above

the clutching hand

of unconsciousness









obedience: 74-76



in most questions we neither take a step or go further

in most steps there is neither a further or a step

in most questions we terminate the last question

we terminate the curiosity that carries a further

that reaches beyond the body

that examines more thoroughly

customary conjunction

from where the quest rose

from an entertainable speculation

from a degree of doubt

from uncertainty

from a state beyond

stepping the next step the next step

that steps into stock ideas

and furnished apartments

negated before the fall

some are fiction while others

frenzied events about to happen

in a place already in existence

a circumstance that belongs to history

a certainty of steps taken

later annexed into the sediment of foam

placed at a particular juncture

at a particular time

that an object conjoined

to another conjoined other

attempting a feeling that

consists of a proliferation of possibilities

before the before was beginning

because before there was a matter of fact

we’re there no difference between

rejection and difference

where rejection is not connected to some sediment

that is the step taken into impossibility

into the difficult

into the freely falling

continually falling forward

into an impossibility

into an endeavor

with no definition

 no feelings of cold passion

or creative comforts

we call microwavable expression

just vivid conception with a variety of terms