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Subject: statment

kari edwards

it is the space one holds, not an essential objectification one is held in, where one is stabilized into things in space, places with borders, bodies with procedures, proper behavior by corporeal containment, compulsory reproductive management, polarizing populations, producing mythological projections, slicing every single living energetic instant into bipolar neurosis for further control of an imagined boundary.

queer is fluid skin, a body without organs, fingers, sweat, fists, taking responsibility for orifice potential, another possible inner exterior moment to moment nonlocation location, accounting for that finite moment that bleeds to the next, noncorporeal sensual connectivity with the body in space, a responsibly of that space as place, an awareness beyond compulsory reproduction, writing nonlocation location.

identity is a tool for momentary defense against historical locality, historical permanence with borders, but the body is flux mechanics, writing a queer writing a queer text is fluid, outside inside, inside a body space with no boundaries, a realization that there is no singularity without borders, dogma and a belligerent linearity.

it is not imaginary borders turned into religious incarceration. boundaries are not queer, sovereign boundaries are colonial, location of the self within the state. queer location is a discontinuity within the panoramic whole, taking into account the unaccountable, accounting self in space, attempting language.