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from Keepness

Sarah Dowling

Bated breath: intervals along a field
Have a grid superimposed, following someone or something. An
attempt to find the subject or clues by lining up. The straight of
their shoulders crossed by the prints of their feet. Searchers spread
across the level field, pace their hips aligned.
their shoulders crossed by the bonding
        anything that fastens another
        down or together
        adhere, hold
clues lining their shoulders
        material covers an inside surface
        fetters attachment
        length without breadth
        they move
Bonding may be due to freezing. Traceable blue in the path of skin
and nail beds. Around the lips, left from the passing of a person. A
situation in which the tread drifted in patches. An injury printed on
some of the lines. Critical separation.
Even in the impasse of sleep, breath is baited.
covert    wood    brush
An ingress of breath. This would be warm. But it catches solid.
Beds nail and skin. The guard hairs are hollow.
        brake    grove    coppice
        this murmur
        stringing an impression
to move while feeding
Walking is a presence in which is a field. Describing as if not
carrying. Before a herd lines move. All those elisions. Crumpling
stalks and wake of snow. Fescues bent. A sound of the nature of
        scrub    bracken    copse
                scant outside
        forgetting before breathing
    to tend while so
Depth determines what will be evinced. For the question to empty
of all keepness. Grazing belies what is beneath. The tangle of an
        a surface in passing
Move they breathe without length. Or is it added slowly. Another
fastens the anything. Of the grid or is it broken. The skin of a
passing. That it hides what.
        A small graze.
                From the vesicles.
        Tread in injury,
                critical of its lines.
Slowly add or take away. That which is under. In a wider sense.
Anything taken. Small wounds vary. Angles of incidence. A case
of touching too lightly.
Sarah Dowling is from Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada. She is a doctoral student at the University of Pennsylvania, and recently completed her MA in English/Creative Writing at Temple University. Her work has appeared or is forthcoming in How2, Descant, In/Vision, and The Mitre.