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from Train Dynamism

Rachel Daley

                   people want newspaper things from other people

                                                            the car on fire

                                                            a regular math teacher

                                                            the meanest enhancing award

                                                            sadly the staffing woes

                   to get rid of her nuclear weapons

                                                              there beheld the mistakes before us

                                                              anti-black, scrawled in dust, or

                                                              the test results both white

                                                              a different approach in life and love

                  cannot be having sex

                                                              with this stunning model before us

                                                              they slept in the morning

                                                              on a floor forward moving

                                                              between library and sheets

                                                              the odd patterns on the floor

                  the commotion

                                                                                                in the apartment

                                                                                    that man’s wife moving






that man’s wife, wearing no shoes, and the

   commotion in the apartment next door. the fire

         from a car, hoping for relief from those who were                 

     mistaken, moving forward in the medical 

                          dictionary, and the screaming neighbors, usually

                                 quiet, screaming next door. taking as testimony, to                                                             

                    get rid of weapons. sleeping over that morning

               white, enhancing, and working to make the world

                                  not upper souls. living lives. both

                                       patrolling, upper and lower sheets, both thinking

                     sadly, of the stifling woes. the odd patterns

                                             between the library and the infirmary. odd

                           patterns under the weight of the living room 

                                                               anti scrawled in the dust