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Three Poems

Jim Cory


“found the next day”   “had decorated his room with”

“a pyre of burning tires”   “the Coosa County sheriff’s report”

“made a sexual advance toward   “painting of the Last Supper next to”

“a deserted boat dock”   “and other figures from Gone With The Wind”

“his charred remains were”   “around antique etchings of”

“showed it, his mother, Lois Gaither”   “officials charged two local men”

“pink chiffon curtains fluttered”   “which local churches use for

“cut Gaither’s throat and”   “who read his big illustrated Bible”

“locked him in the trunk of his”   “if he was gay he sure never”

“every night before going to bed”   “once had a girlfriend”

“heaved his body onto”   “operated a computer terminal at”

“antebellum women in hoop skirts”   “his skull split open”

“repeatedly with an ax handle until”   “for which he hunted at flea

“…39, lived with his disabled parents”   “on the banks of Peckerwood


he gave me a pushbutton kiss on a 5-alarm sidewalk

he gave me broken screens & unrehearsed close-ups

he gave me an opening act & infinite intermissions

he gave me a Velcro mustache w/all the attachments

he gave me a shoe for the right foot & a boot for the left

he gave me intellectual in-law hiccups & copyrighted miracles

he gave me clandestine celebrations & poltergeist kittens

he gave me inhabited shadows & bathtub arpeggios

he gave me a date w/a snowflake

he gave me a raft & a rift & I was miffed

he gave me a racehorse in a pigpen

he gimme a pigfoot

he gave me gefiltefish aquariums & matzoh ball eyeballs

he gave me rolling compartments of velvet wending thru
    starlessness toward rose petal fates

he gave me anti-alarm clocks

he gave me lachrymose dawns & a pop quiz per diem

he gave me red poles pulling apart

he gave me pillbox islands & igloo peep holes

he gave me footstep symphonies & encores of visible silence

he gave me a discolored rainbow & unrefundable train fare to the moon


musclebutt 28, submissive black bodybuilder with big juicy ass and huge
     thighs need older masculine top to spank and pound me

ICE – I need a piece of musclemeat to kidnap, tie up, gag, rape and
torture til
     you’re crying and SCARED. HARD for your fear!

BRUTALIZE ME – 31, 6’ 1, 185, hard gym body, masculine, lookin for HUGE

I take calls from obedient boys willing to wildjack/selfspank/dildofuck
     Daddy…47/bi/mwm/8 in. cutbighead/hairy chest/stash

gymtool – I like big muscular men to lift me up

plantation owner – handsome 36 wants REAL slaves and chat with master
     about olden day slavery private me

“I’ve built my body and wrapped my bubbleass in spandex for your

Tired of Dr. Jeckyl & Mr. Highness

Baltimore: sneak by my window tonight and catch me jerking off and
     with my asshole

B4 you judge someone…STOP & REMEMBER we all see the same sun!