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An Experiment in Autobiography

Abigail Child

Start here. Uncompensated tongue. Pressure point mortality periodicals linking the

present to earlier structural loves. Read forward, sharp reds. The words take off.

Think. It starts. Evaporation of certain volatiles stitched unto space hurtling forward.

Hunker present to left stickling pins in a back hammer pile. Enrich the feeling. Elixir

lucked Structure with which to         THINK THEM



                                                  atop  that projecting




Counter clock arias of sunlight watering walls, mind braided in seed juggles. Aria

envelopes envelop room, practice tips thick from arrival mind. Moms in impractical

revolt stray grinding brain stems under water. Crayon on crib lipstick mirror.  Wreath

that place soft thrust so the roots of it listen. In sunlight parade of red-handed

repercussions exit intensity, still: Silky leaps seethe jiggle wicking one-on-one hoops.

More make a move from








3. Celebrate strata. Star struck tuck-in growing on thickening fingers of middle-aged

maid undisfigured except by tongue thrust by virtue of in lieu that even empty as if

in the reverse course of events this calibrated limits bruise. Sort of a non-coma in

virtue of its panty muffs. 

Face food forever.  High-angled vowels trace old-worlds and persist. Greasy blonde

curls predispose books: a lap or lose that. Manual work virtues definition. Here trope

grows in virtue of its condition, analogous nudie resilient twins, geek ID.




                                                                G forces            PLAN


                           (or are double-parked


Later we go from uh oh, or was it spring bled in dogwood’s relief? It was a war tune

or reverb to turn to geode: ceiling scanned (rough scrim) of rad beads recital. Hail it,

so turn and Mary over wide and flat, a virtue to pay, a reason to pour. Sensitive and

imprecise you try it. It spills. Soup suck surnames kick night stick-ball under double-

cherry babies.

Sidewalk's riverbed Jams. Hard as cake stale insulating absence. Your father you

sucking you baby and no one yet to crayon. Even here you hear it: Insulated whirr

by road flies firing night to make glitter bouts at hedge edges


                                             a meaning (the meaning


                                                as a system of selection



Out of rising beauties, help it.

Unfolding greens greeny notched soldering. Our present tense. A day do or dozy. A

following at almost.  A sure post-bomb aplomb twitched in (this) variegated harvest,

sun launched. 

Thus it was now, talking out eyes, long beginnings that repeat posting a foresight on

advantage Body. Start here: We're advantage, foresight in repair.

 Tucked in, dead quiet