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Two Poems

Mark Bibbins

And Further, More.


          The bumblebees headline, windjerked,

                      blunt—more boredom under


           honeysuckle. Twilight

       was designed for us to happen


         within it, so move me with your motorik,

           your jugular mien. 


                 [lone river martin in a tree

        or thousands churning


a black Borealis over the water—

choose one or choose both] 


       We come to believe we behaved

      appropriately, but what


          do we know, we’re only

           envelopes indicating the very things


                     we were meant to obscure.

                    In the Tiergarten I met


           you at the appointed bridge,

       yet the stream was narrow


            enough to step across. 

                   A tattered moth


                   followed us around

                      for hours so we named it


               Got Creamation, then changed it

             to Blood Escaping My Hands.




from Forcefield


                with mistook eyes


                            I didn’t notice you





       a newly minted paramour





you wound up


wired and weird    on your







               then fell






  so the oddest of all books


is glass




                      of all animals







and what we did








   [and never]







                   from here the fjords


       wrinkle together





everyone wants to roll down


                 the sides




blissful          we hand away


                        our teeth



[how we let ourself plunge