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Firing Squad vs. Jack Off Squad

Rather than blow taps over dead soldiers

     in coffins with flags draped o’er them,

Blow taps o’er live soldiers in uniform

     who never killed anyone

             getting blowjobs from live soldiers in uniform

     who never killed anyone

             and wipe their sucked off cocks with our flag.

How beautiful the young soldiers are in uniform

     with their erections sticking out

             serviced by young recruits in uniform

     on their knees.

How beautiful to see our flag

     being used to wipe the lips

              of our devout cocksuckers in uniform

     and the ecstatic cocks fulfilling their duty

              to God and their country!

And instead of a firing squad

     firing their rifles at the clouds

               at the end of the ceremony

     as the coffin lid is closed

               and the coffin is lowered into the Earth,

A jack off squad of young recruits

     who never killed anyone

               jacking off toward the clouds

     at the end of the ceremony

               as the coffin is unearthed and opened

     and the corpse rises and comes back to life!






My friend’s boner is a puppy

      that follows me home from school

         and won’t take no for an answer.

My friend’s cock getting hard is a kitten

      that purrs when I pet it

         and won’t take no for an answer.

My friend’s dick spurting is more fun

      than my pet frog’s tongue

         leaping out of its mouth to catch a dragonfly

              then leaping back in again.

My pal’s weiner is more fun than a firefly

      captured in a bottle next to my bed at night

         because just licking my pal’s nipples lightly

              makes him come.

My chum’s hotdog smells better than my pet snake

      and doesn’t have to be fed mice

         and smells better than my pet toad

              and doesn’t have to be fed crickets

                    and is cuter

              when its engorged glans        

            emerges  from its prepuce than my pet turtle’s head

      emerging from its shell.

My best buddy’s pud turns me into a dog

      begging at the table for a bone

           and drooling while the family laughs

              and then the father throws it to me

           and if you try taking it from me I growl.

My bestfriend’s donkeykong is more fun than Old Faithful

      not because it spurts on the hour every hour

         which it does every day every week every month every year

                  but because you can eat every spurt

                  and lick up the drops

              with light-licking tongue-licks

         that make his silky belly quiver

     while his peter gets hard again.

Yeah, my best pal’s lollapalooza refuses to let me do my homework

     till its tickled my tonsils which are jealous

          they aren’t his balls but when he ejaculates

               are delighted to be frosted with his sperm

                   like two snowballs

               we added to the giant snowcock

          we made in the park

     after the blizzard.

Yeah, my boyfriend metronoming his hardon

     from side-to-side in front of my face

           hypnotized me to do its bidding

                 its wish is my command—

                     if 3 times a night it requires

                 my mouth be a pussy he fucks so be it

           if 3 times a night it needs must go spelunking        

     up my hinder so be it

           if 3 times a night it needs must be petted

               with the inside of my fur-lined glove

                    its entire length and circumference

                before being milked so be it

           it won’t take no for an answer.

Yeah, my bosom-buddy’s kaleidoscope is so cute

     gradeschool kids with no pubic hair

          pay a dollar to see it

               2 dollars to watch it get hard

                    3 dollars to touch it

               4 dollars to put the ruby tip in their mouth

          while looking wistfully        

     in his sky-blue eyes.

Hey man, mi amigo as a gesture of thanks and affection

     lightly caresses my eyes and nose and lips as I sleep

         with his erection

              so I wake in my dream

          as he jacks off in my face smiling

     as I look at him with total awe and devotion.