Cortney Lamar Charleston submitted this terrific response to Sarah Rosenthal’s book, which we could not use in or on the book, but we want to share here.

Peril and transformative magic collide in Sarah Rosenthal’s Estelle Meaning Star. This collection — textured by clipped words and letters that firmly situate the reader on this side of the veil of mortality — thrusts us forward with the intuition of a mind guiding its body to a form of safety. Not unlike how we arrange distant stars into the shapes of constellations, we thread the shifting language and imagery of Rosenthal’s poetry into a journey fit for the heroes of Greek epics, except that, here, we acclaim no hero for their triumph over threat, but for their acceptance of what cannot be conquered. If Estelle means star, it must be the one pointing us north, and I point you to this marvelous book.”

 Cortney Lamar Charleston is the author of Doppelgangbanger.

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