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Today we’re thrilled to inform you that you can help us take Chax to new ground, with important news regarding two of our longstanding key focus areas: Education and Letterpress publishing. As you know, for four decades the mission of Chax, a 501c3 nonprofit literary project, has been to advance and nurture poetry and other experimental writing through innovative programs in these four areas: Trade Publishing; Book Arts/Letterpress Book Making; Public Events that include Readings, Talks, Discussions, and Symposia; and Education in Poetry and the Book Arts, specifically Bookbinding and Letterpress Publishing.

chax class

All of our various education efforts here at Chax will now be known as chax class, and we are happy to inform you that we are already scheduling the following series of in-person and online chax class courses: Modernist Poetry Class, led by our executive director, Charles Alexander; followed by Modernist Poetry Class – Part II, studying four female poets first published between 1905 and 1955; Ecopoetics Class, taught by Mary Newell, editor of Poetics for the More-than-Human-World: An Anthology; and coming this summer: Introduction to Book-Making, a Workshop in Book Forms and Structures; and a 6-part series of Poets’ Talks featuring Tucson’s most innovative writers.

chax ltd  (letterpress & book arts)

We at Chax have always been deeply committed to the book arts and letterpress publishing. Our first titles were letterpress books printed on fine papers, including our own handmade papers. Letterpress is a uniquely powerful medium, capable of conveying meaning and expressing values that make clear how vital literature is to all of us, especially in these times. To mark this format’s importance, we have decided to create a separate Chax imprint, chax ltd, dedicated to letterpress and book arts. We are pleased to announce the first chax ltd title will be Splinters & Streams by Daphne Marlatt, available in early 2024. We have also invited poet Will Alexander to be in residence at Chax for one month of the next year, and to create a collaborative book with us. Making use of our own facilities as well as new technologies, we anticipate the regular appearance of exciting chax ltd titles. 

chax books & events

 When it comes to our other two focus areas, we’re also very busy. Our robust Trade Book publishing schedule includes How Do with Words: A Black Speech Act Workbook by Tracie Morris, Broken Glosa by Stephen Bett, Farther by Susan Thackrey, Maths by Joel Chace, and that’s just for this Spring through mid-Summer. Our events calendar is also packed with great performances, including recent readings by Alice Notley, Adam Cornford, Norman Fischer, and Rachel Blau DuPlessis, all available on our YouTube channel.

why we need you!

 We need your help right now. In order to make the necessary investments in technology and people required to build chax class and chax ltd, your support is vital. 

 At this time we’re establishing a goal of $25,000. Please consider making a contribution today.  Your dollars will help chax class and chax ltd have the impact we know they should, as well as ensure that all of our established programs thrive!