Carla Harryman’s statement on Sarah Rosenthal’s stunning new book, Estelle Meaning Star, came in just too late to include in the book, but we think it’s well worth posting on our site. — C Alexander  


Culled from documentations of dreams, Sarah Rosenthal’s language is literally cut and positioned onto a surface, so we see the words as materially figured. The material presencing of words is conjoined to motifs of movement and languages of the body that include an ensemble of relations—of figures to ritual, of pain to the commonplace, of persons to creatures, of living to dying. Rosenthal’s subtly startling arrangements of words, lines, and poems evokes choreography, reflecting her authoritative knowledge of movement within twentieth and twenty-first century feminist practices that have revolutionized the social relation to the body in performance arts. Rosenthal brings this vision of movement to her poetics of pain, or “muscle discussion,” in an astonishing and luminous fashion. 

Carla Harryman is the author of many books of prose, drama, and poetry, including A Voice to Perform: One Opera / Two Plays.

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