Artifice in the Calm Damages, by Andrew Levy

Chapbook / Letterpress Covers with original cover painting by Cynthia Miller

Poetry / ISBN 9781946104076 / 32 pages / $20

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from the poem "War of Life" in Artifice in the Calm Damages

If there's life on other planets, then
the earth is the Universe's insane asylum. I felt something
was wrong the entire time, but I had possibly misread
the situation in its entirety. Someday, there will be something
that you just won't be able to do again, like straighten up.
You'll say I'm never going to get over it.


from "Acknowedgments"

100% with you, this goes beyond passion, it is a cosmic orgasm.


Andrew Levy is the author most recently of Don’t Forget to Breathe (Chax Press), Nothing Is In Here (EOAGH Books), and Cracking Up (Truck Books), along with eleven other titles of poetry and prose including, The Big Melt (Factory School), Paper Head Last Lyrics (Roof Books), Ashoka (Zasterle)and Values Chauffeur You (O Books). Artifice in the Calm Damages is forthcoming in 2016. Levy’s poems and essays have appeared in numerous American and international magazines and anthologies including The Art of Practice: 45 Contemporary Poets, The Gertrude Stein Awards in Innovative American Poetry, and Telling It Slant: Avant-Garde Poetics of the 1990s. He was co-editor and publisher of the poetry journal Crayon with Roberto Harrison, 1997-2008. In addition, he fosters collaborations with musicians and writers on improvisatory poetry readings and performances, and he plays R&B and Jazz drums. A southerner and Hoosier by birth and sensibility, Levy lives in New York City where he teaches critical thinking, journalism, and literature at BMCC-CUNY.