Arrive on Wave: Collected Poems, by Gil Ott.
Edited by Trace Peterson, Gregory Laynor, and Eli Goldblatt.
$24. Poetry. 330 pages. ISBN 9780925904911

The first major collection of Gil Ott's stunning poems of insight, concision, and humanity, brings together all of his published books, plus work from the tribute volume The Form of Our Uncertainty: A Tribute to Gil Ott (ed. by Kristen Gallagher), and uncollected poems from the Gil Ott archive.

More than any other individual, Gil Ott was the person most responsible for the strength of the poetry community in Philadelphia during his lifetime. A small “d” democrat, Gil led by example, usually denying that he was doing anything other than just being himself.  His own verse blends multiple traditions with a directness that is unmistakably his mark. These poems are just like their author: funny, gentle, brilliant, and sometimes more intense than you can handle.
— Ron Silliman

from the afterword by Charles Alexander:

I witnessed [Gil Ott's] ability to hone his life so that what mattered is what was most present, a characteristic true of his editing (of Paper Air and of Singing Horse Press) and his poems. While the editing obviously mattered to me, because Singing Horse books are immaculate and Paper Air issues always had new and key information . . ., it is Gil’s poems that I have come to live with over time, and which carry, for me, Gil’s own profound insights, sensibility, and presence.

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