If you are an undergraduate at the University of Houston-Victoria who might like to make a book, or several books, please consider registering for this summer’s 10-week DSGN 4300-1 (Course No. 18988), Selected Topics in Design, which will be a 10-week whirlwind hands-on tour with such stops as

Simple Sewn Pamphlet

Double-Pamphlet Concertina

Concertina Accordion

Leporrello Accordion

Flip Book

Oriental side-stitch book

Altered book

Alternate materials (non-paper) book

A book is a container and conveyor of information & ideas. In the hands of an artist, it may just be a ball of light, or a scroll of color. Please come and try your hand at what it might be for you, as you fold, cut, attach, insert, and use whatever skills you may have, or what we may encourage you to try out, to build a small library of unusual books.

If you are a faculty or staff member, please let undergraduate students know about this course, to be offered at the UHV Center for the Arts by Charles Alexander in the 10-week summer session in 2015 — coming up soon!

In addition to the DSGN credit (which may be an elective in many subjects), this course will count toward an ARTS minor which is being prepared for UHV Programs for 2016.

For registration information, please visit the UHV home page at uhv.edu