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— Charles Alexander

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Work of a Poet: Selected Poems 1968-2023, by Richard Tavenner, a work of recognition that the world around us is the world of the poem, of imagination, of love, of wonder. Tavenner, a Tucson poet and electrician, spins poetry out of the very stuff of everyday life. In William Blake’s terms, he sees “the universe in a grain of sand,” and in poem after poem, he keeps finding such grains.

Horse on Paper, by Simon Carr (drawings) and Leonard Schwartz (poems), a work of high energy and beautiful sketches of horses in various locations and configurations, along with poems that collaborate with the drawings and make the overall investigation one of the nature of body and mind, and being.

Ελληνικά για μένα / Greek to Me, by Joe Safdie, a work of myth, muses, vision, and poetic power. Safdie “masters the uniquely poetic art of interweaving disparate realities. Includes one extended and inspiring essay, “Musing about the Muses.”

Estelle Meaning Star, by Sarah Rosenthal.  Beautiful full-color poem pages, with the poem text a collage of intermittencies, building into light. Cover painting by Joyce Saler.

Collected Memoirs, by MIchael Gottlieb.  Prose literary memoirs. Third book in a series that includes Gottlieb’s Selected Poems and Collected Essays.

Time Being, by Charles Alexander. Poetry/Literature/Hybrid. Cover painting by Cynthia Miller.

Fire Season, by Joseph Lease, available November 2, 2023. Poetry / Jewish Studies

The Face of Time, by An Li. Fiction/Novel.
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Farther, by Susan Thackrey. Book length poem.

Collectives of Poets: from ambush to zooming zeal, by Lisa Periale Martin. Chapbook length poem.

Maths by Joel Chace. Poetry / Visual Poetry.

Broken Glosa by Stephen Bett. Poetry.

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See also, on that page, a new entry for David Miller’s brilliant prose work, Time, Wisdom, & Koalas.


New post by Sarah Rosenthal on Estelle Meaning Star.

ECOPOETICS Writing Workshop with Mary Newell

This four-week workshop will engage you in writing ecopoetry, poetry that engages with ecological concerns. We will consider how elements of poetics can interleave with scientific, historical, or topical information to provide richly textured poetry that honors the more-than-human world. We will read and discuss some exemplary poetry to discover methodologies to apply to your own writing. The variety of prompts offered will allow you ample choice of topics and approaches. This workshop will stimulate you in articulating in verse your sensory and affective responses to this crucial moment in planetary history.


Chax Press is a nonprofit, 501c3 literary publishing and arts organization. Founded in 1984, incorporated in 1986, we have published 250 literary and book arts works, and have presented more than 100 readings, talks, symposia, and other events.

Brand new: Work of a Poet, by Richard Tavenner; Horse on Paper, by Simon Carr & Leonard Schwartz; Greek to Me, by Joe Safdie; Estelle Meaning Star, by Sarah Rosenthal, a collage-text work of imagination over dissolution,  Time Being, by Charles Alexander, his latest work from the COVID period to the present, the marvelously burning and engaging Fire Season, by Joseph Lease, calling to mind our fragile environment as well as family connective tissues and the loss of them, and finally, Collected Memoirs, by MIchael Gottlieb, the third volume of his works
in a uniform edition (the first two books are Selected Poems and
Collected Essays).
Please find these, and many more in our Chax Books pages.

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New BOOK by Richard Tavenner: Work of a Poet: Selected Poems 1968-2023! Find it here!


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