cover: Fire Season


Chax Press is a nonprofit, 501c3 literary publishing and arts organization. Founded in 1984, incorporated in 1986, we have published 250 literary and book arts works, and have presented more than 100 readings, talks, symposia, and other events.

Our newest books are Time Being, by Charles Alexander, 
Collected Memoirs, by MIchael Gottlieb, the third volume of his works
in a uniform edition (the first two books are Selected Poems and
Collected Essays), and Fire Season, by Joseph Lease
 Please find these, and many more in our Chax Books pages.


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New Books:

Collected Memoirs, by MIchael Gottlieb, available November 2, 2023.  Prose literary memoirs. Third book in a series that includes Gottlieb’s Selected Poems and Collected Essays.

Time Being, by Charles Alexander, just released and available. Poetry/Literature/Hybrid. Cover painting by Cynthia Miller.

Fire Season, by Joseph Lease, available November 2, 2023. Poetry / Jewish Studies

 The Face of Time, by An Li, available NOW! Fiction/Novel.
Early bird sale ongoing now!


Farther, by Susan Thackrey. Book length poem.

Collectives of Poets: from ambush to zooming zeal, by Lisa Periale Martin. Chapbook length poem.

Maths by Joel Chace. Poetry / Visual Poetry.

Broken Glosa by Stephen Bett. Poetry.

For all of our recent books, see our New & Featured page.

See also, on that page, a new entry for David Miller’s brilliant prose work, Time, Wisdom, & Koalas.


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cover: Fire Season
Cover: The Face of Time