NEW BOOKS on the site:

Three new books, as of today, grace the Chax book list and this site. One is the pathbreaking and breathtaking poetry of transgender exploration, Since I Moved in, by Trace Peterson, in a new and revised edition with Introduction by Joy Ladin. Another is a book of fables, animal tales, for grownups, which come out of the life of Australia, by UK poet/writer David Miller (a native Australian who has lived for decades in and near London), Towards a Menagerie. Finally, one of Chax's longtime favorite poets and great friends has a new book of poetry, a book of great moral and intellectual courage in the face of our current moment, For Instance, by Eli Goldblatt, also including brilliant woodcuts by Wendy Osterweil and drawings by Michael Moore.

Hélène Sanguinetti, The Hero, translated by Ann Cefola! Very happy to have this new book, our first since our late 2018 move to Tucson, and our last book of 2018.

CHAX PRESS has recently moved from Victoria, Texas, to Tucson, Arizona, where the press first began in 1984. You can now write to us at 1517 North Wilmot Road #264 / Tucson Arizona 85712-4410. Or email us at 

New by Chax Director Charles Alexander: AT the Edge OF the Sea: Pushing Water II, available from Small Press Distribution here.