Wax World by Robert Mittenthal
Wax World by Robert Mittenthal

“In Mittenthal’s work, it’s the idea of comedy in an explosion of craft that catches you. He’s quiet about it. He understands it will adhere—and it’s designed to—to linger. There’s almost a battle going on—an intellect that exists only to be destroyed by itself so that all that was is as it was—only clearer. And his sound sounds the most sounded out a boxer squaring off to take on the psychology of currency and its effects on labor. Not political OR only political. A clarity and honest posture mixed with poignant sarcasm about how the world sees itself. It’s about seeing inequality. ‘Paid to forget, I recall more.'”—Nico Vassilakis

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What We Do: Essays for Poets, by Michael Gottlieb
What We Do: Essays for Poets, by Michael Gottlieb

Published 2016

ISBN: 9780986264078

$17.00 paperback
Poetry/Essays/Literature  122 pages

How do we live our lives as poets?

In these three critical essays, plus an afterword, Michael Gottlieb addresses issues faced by us all, even if we are not poets or artists. Michael Gottlieb is the author of nineteen books including most recently, I Had Every Intention, Dear All, and Memoir and Essay, the authoritative recounting of the early days of the Language school. He was one of the editors of Roof, the foundational 1970s and 80s poetry magazine. A number of his works have been adopted for the stage, including his definitive 9/11 poem, The Dust, hailed by Ron Silliman as one of the “five greatest Language poems.” The Dust was stages by fiona Templeton and company at the Poetry Project at St. Marks on the tenth anniversary of 9/11.

Learn what it is to be a poet, what it takes, in order to grasp and live in the art and the life. One essential need is listening. For Gottlieb, “I am still at least somewhat capable of taking the first step when it comes to doing what we do as poets, that is: listening.”


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WHILE SLEEPING by Bill Lavender
WHILE SLEEPING by Bill Lavender

PubDate: 1/2004


Bill Lavender

ISBN: 9780925904362

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Genre: Poetry

Pages: 120

“Poetry and sleep have always been related to me. What do we seek when we lie down to rest but a pleasant landscape of language? inaudible rehearsals of the auditory, invisible practice of the visual. It is possible of course to be asleep and awake at the same time, indeed we are mostly, examples: driving the freeway and missing the exit engrossed in meditation, or better the ineluctable state of napping in my chair, when I leave me there and go out for closer observation, hearing even seeing everything that goes on around but not noticing my own snores” (from the Introduction by the Author).

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